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You Have Yellow Teeth (and other things your kids will tell you)

Posted by Suburban Dad on July 21, 2009

Yellow TeethOne of the things that I enjoy about kids is that they have not yet developed their filters. You know, the kind of filters that keep us from telling someone the truth for fear of how it might be received or make the other person feel about themself. However, as much as I enjoy this characteristic, it can also be very humbling when you are on the receiving end of a statement like, “you have yellow teeth”. This is one that my six year old son shared with me the other day. Of course, my first reaction is to feel defensive and explain to him how I used to smoke while I was in college and how all of the coffee that I drink on a daily basis probably doesn’t help either. Instead, I smiled in the mirror and have to agree with them. I don’t know if they are yellow but they certainly aren’t white. As a matter of fact, I have often made fun of them myself. Especially when I see how they turn out in photographs. I’ve been known to say things like, “they look like they’re from an exhumed corpse” or “it looks like my mouth is full of candy corn”. You know, things like that.

The other day during a snuggling session, he asked me, “why do you have so many hairs inside your nose and I don’t have any”. These are automatic conversation starters and provide the context to describe how each of us is unique. Can you imagine though if these questions were asked of you by another adult or a complete stranger? You would probably feel offended, defensive and somewhat humiliated. However, when it’s your own child that asks this type of question, there is something endearing about it because you realize that despite these astute observations and comments, they still consider you their hero and they love you no matter what.

So, do you feel comfortable enough to share some of the things that your child has commented on regarding your apprearance or physical make up?


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