Dadography | The art and technique of being a dad

As experienced in the suburbs of Seattle


Hi, I’m Suburban Dad and I write Dadography to offer encouragement and support to other fathers. I hope to do this by  sharing from my personal experience as a father to three children between the ages of three and six. This includes the detailing of funny anecdotes and quotes, recommendations on parenting books, classes, products and other resources, as well as sharing my lessons learned (what’s worked well and what hasn’t worked so well) as I persevere in my goal to be a good and more importantly, godly father to a son and two daughters.

While my primary motivation in starting this blog was to capture the many precious moments that I experience with my own children, it is my hope that Dadography offers wisdom and insight to fathers everywhere especially as it relates to how to effectively raise your children, how to communicate with your children, how to discipline your children, how to play with your children, and how to strengthen family bonds. Of course there is not a one size fits all approach to parenting but if you are able to learn from both my successes as well as my failures then I will consider this blog a success.

If for whatever reason you need to contact me, please email

The Cast of Characters:

“Suburban Dad” – an almost 40-something husband of but one wife and father of three kids. A product manager by day and a wrestling partner, tea party participant, freeze tag playing designated story teller by night. He grew up with a single mom and didn’t have a dad around to provide an example of how to be a husband and father. Consequently, he’s often seen with a confused and overwhelmed look on his face but if you look closely you’ll also notice that he’s always smiling. This is because he realizes how blessed he is to have such a wonderful family.

“Suburban Mom” – She is the straw that stirs the drink in our family. Upon meeting her, most people wonder why someone as gorgeous, kind and talented as she is would be hanging out with Suburban Dad. When not enjoying a community play date, you can find SubMom working out at the gym, running a half marathon or competing in a triathlon, or photographing a wedding.

“Jedi” – The oldest of the three children and the only boy, you will often find Jedi debating over which Star Wars character he is at any given time. Star Wars rules the day with Jedi including action figures, toy light sabers, t-shirts, DVDs, books and Wii games. He looks forward to the day when we allow him to watch Star Wars Episode 3.

“La Artista” – Our middle child, La Artista is a natural at everything she tries including athletics. But what she really enjoys is creating lovely works of art. It’s pretty much guarateed that you will find her at the breakfast table at 6:00 a.m. every morning with a pad of paper and colored pencils and markers creating yet another picture for Suburban Dad to proudly display at the office. This is her love language and from the looks of Suburban Dad’s cubicle wall, she loves him a whole lot.

“Ballerina Girl” – The only one of Suburban Dad’s brood to be named after a Lionel Ritchie song, Ballerina Girl is all about dancing. She particularly enjoys the Nutcracker and there was a period of time where the family couldn’t go a day without playing the DVD of the San Francisco Ballet’s rendition. Nevermind that it was during the middle of spring. If you ever run in to Suburban Dad and he’s all glittery, it is because Ballerina Girl likes to give him big hugs while wearing her ballerina dress up clothes.


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