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To Blog or Not to Blog – That is the Question

Posted by Suburban Dad on July 15, 2009

At least, it’s the question that I posed to myself while I was going through the WordPress sign up process. Why should I start a blog? What do I have to say? Do I even have time to maintain a blog? To be honest, I don’t have a good answer for any of those questions. So, I choose to respond with a question of my own (well, I guess technically, all the preceeding questions have been my own but since you are not really here, I’ll continue to play along) – why not start a blog? Since I couldn’t come up with a good answer to that question either, I decided to take the plunge.

Let me make this clear right from the start. As I initiate this blog, I don’t expect anyone else (with the exception of my wife) to ever see this blog. However, I intend to write as if it actually does have an external audience. I figure if I do it that way, it will help keep me honest and motivated to maintain the site.

What can you expect from my drivel? Mostly just my observations of the minutia of my day to day life here in the suburbs of Seattle as I try to figure out this whole husband, father, son, brother, employee, friend, neighbor, church member thing. I anticipate that the majority of the material will come from my kids. That is what has really encouraged me to start this blog. I realized that my children have offered me far too many precious moments and quotes throughout their short years that I have failed to capture in a journal of any sort and I would at some point like to reflect back on them for old times sake. Although I’ve never considered myself the blackmailing sort, you never know. Some of the things they do and say could come in handy at a later date.

So, buckle up my friends. This will either prove to be a spirited and faithful effort by yours truly to document one man’s attempt to lay hold of an abundant life in the midst of the master planned suburban community in which I live with my wife and three kids, or it will be a tremendous failure and waste of time for us all. Care to take the leap and see how this all ends? If so, check back later. And, if for some reason you are reading this and you’re not my wife, leave a comment to let me know so that I will actually start editing my writing for grammer and punctuation. Until next time.


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